Aunty Arty, Astro Circus Kids and Jet Black Publishing

15 July 2014 / Leave a Comment
I'm still catching my breath, because a week after I signed the contract with Merge Publishing for my novel Exit Stage Left, I heard from Jet Black Publishing and they want to publish two of my children's book series! That is six kids books to start with!

Jet Black Publishing is a new ebook publisher in Melbourne, my hometown. Their mission is to publish inspirational and creative stories for children and young adults and they are donating 20% of the sales to children's literacy charities, such as the Australian Children's Literacy & Numeracy Foundation. So not only can titles on their list offer the joy of reading to kids, but they can also help support children's literacy in remote and marginalised communities.

I'm delighted to be working with Kim Mungcal and Jet Black Publishing. He's really enthusiastic about my stories and a true professional to work with. And the most exciting thing about getting these kids books published is that I am working with illustrators on both series. It's like a fusion of my two passions - art and writing!

The very talented Narelda Joy is illustrating the Aunty Arty series, about a quirky aunty who takes her niece Frieda and her siblings inside well known artworks. I've just seen the first roughs, and if I thought getting published is exciting, well seeing my ideas illustrated is absolutely mind blowing! And we've got Ray Eckermann on board to illustrate the Astro Circus Kids series, about kids growing up in the circus.

I've often written about how lonely writing is, but suddenly I don't feel lonely anymore. I've now got people to bounce ideas around with, people who care as much about my characters, their behaviour and the way they look as I do.  These stories have become a true collaboration and I'm jumping out of my skin with excitement as I'm watching my characters being born ...



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