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LoewenHerz-Creative promotes books of all genres with the production and promotion of exciting, innovative, and affordable book trailers. Here I ask them why book trailers have become so popular, what makes a good book trailer and about the production process ...

Why do you think book trailers have become a good marketing tool for authors?
With the increased use of multi and social media, book trailers have been an up and coming method to promote and advertise, and have increased in popularity among both authors and readers. Writers increasingly see the value in offering book trailers to their current and potential readers, and are eager to let this medium help them expand their fan base and sales of their books.

Most blockbuster movies have a trailer. So why not apply the same concept when promoting a book in order to let the potential reader gain valuable insight into the book’s content, while ultimately supporting the author in reaching a broader audience?

Book marketing is one of the biggest challenges for authors. Most are usually unsure as to what steps they need to take, and what is necessary and vital to their success. One of the key components to an author’s book marketing strategy is the use of a book trailer. Book trailers are transforming the way readers choose their books. Books with trailers receive increased search engine visibility and generate more buzz on social networks. They represent a visual teaser that engages new audiences in a fun and exciting way.

Videos are quickly becoming the most popular form of information sharing. YouTube alone has grown tremendously over the last few years. People love to see videos on all types of subjects. Selling a book is difficult as competition is fierce. Book trailers can give authors and their books an affordable and competitive edge. The use of motion graphics for a book’s promotion may be a fairly new concept, but they truly work when done well. Affordable, exciting, and beautiful trailers will enhance an author’s brand and the opportunity to increase sales by combining visual images with text or narration to their title and will help it stand out from the rest.

What makes a good book trailer?
A good book trailer is short, and sweet, and to the point; very similar to regular TV commercials; something that captures and keeps your attention. Our trailers are between 45 seconds to 1 minute long. This time is perfect to peak the viewer’s interest and showcase the book’s purpose and content. The right use of graphics and color is essential, as it depicts that mood of the book. And appropriately matched music further helps to describe the theme and presentation of the book.

Take author Stuart Allen’s Trailer for his debut novel “Parting Lines,” for example ( In its 48 seconds, we learn that the main character of the book is fighting his way through a midlife crisis. The choice of words and music lets us see the overall tone and mood of the book, and the video graphics and design mirror the author’s chosen style for the cover of his novel. And all that in less than a minute.

How do you work with authors to create an effective book trailer? What is the process from brief to finished product and what should the author have in mind before approaching you?
An author usually contacts LoewenHerz-Creative via the email address found on our website. When contacted any other way, we always refer potential clients to our website’s sample page, so they can see what types of trailers we produce. This also helps in developing some ideas for their own trailers in terms of text bursts or narration.

We always encourage authors to provide as much information as possible before we begin the creative development of the trailer (including the book’s genre, the desired trailer mood, the desired mood of the trailer background music, etc.). When authors work with our team to develop the concept before production begins, we are able to create a trailer that meets the author’s needs earlier in the development process and reduce time required for re-editing.

Authors may also provide images, music, or video clips that they would like to be included. If submitted by the author, these assets have to have the appropriate rights clearances or must be creative commons, as we do not acquire licensing rights for authors. If their desired images are not rights-cleared, we usually use those as a reference to find similar types and styles of images that are rights-cleared.

We then go over the desired text bursts or spoken narration, depending on the author’s chosen trailer package. The general guidelines are that the total number of bursts doesn't exceed 9 and that the individual bursts are kept relatively short. Each line represents one text burst that will appear on the screen by itself, one at a time. Most authors ask us to create the bursts or spoken narration for them in order to get a general idea.

Once we have gathered all this information and the production has been scheduled, a 30% deposit is required. The deposit is payable via PayPal. The author will be provided with watermarked drafts of their trailer, upon which they can provide their feedback. We provide up to 3 revisions. Once the author is happy with the trailer, and after the remaining balance has been paid, the final version will be supplied as HD and 360p files without the watermark. We also send the author the public YouTube link, which they can link to directly in order to showcase their new trailer on their own website or any other social media site.

Most authors are very open to suggestions, as they usually don’t really know where exactly to go with their trailer and what to expect. They have a general idea in mind, but nothing too specific. But that is perfectly fine, as LHC is more than happy to develop a creative concept for them.

LoewenHerz-Creative always prioritizes the author’s preferences and suggestions. We also let the book’s cover and the author’s website guide us in the style and music choices we are making, since those are great indicators of the author’s overall taste and likes.



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