How authors should use YouTube - Katie Tyler

27 August 2014 / Leave a Comment
John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, became a YouTube sensation with VlogBrothers way back in 2007. Together with his brother Hank, they created a dedicated community of 'nerdfighters' through their short videos to each other over a year. YouTube is a great way to make a personal connection with readers without having to leave the comfort of your desk swivel chair. I discovered Katie Tyler on Wattpad earlier this year. Her fanfiction novel about YouTubers Zalfie has had close to 2 million reads. She has her own YouTube channel KatChats - here I ask her about how writers can use YouTube as a platform ...

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Transmedia storytelling - Takatsu

6 August 2014 / Leave a Comment
I recently interviewed Takatsu on my blog about being the first cell phone novelist in the West. Takatsu is a fascinating writer, musician and illustrator and is at the forefront of transmedia storytelling. Here I ask him more about how he is fusing different art forms to promote and enhance his new novel Espresso Love.

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Bequest to be published by Tenebris Books

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I’m so pleased that my long short story Bequest has been signed by Tenebris Books. Bequest will be published as the first Tenebris Nyxies ebook and will be the first in a series of such stories that will be compiled into a Nyxies Annual in both print and ebook form.

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