Bequest to be published by Tenebris Books

6 August 2014 / Leave a Comment
I’m so pleased that my long short story Bequest has been signed by Tenebris Books. Bequest will be published as the first Tenebris Nyxies ebook and will be the first in a series of such stories that will be compiled into a Nyxies Annual in both print and ebook form.

Tenebris Books is an imprint of Grimbold Books. They publish high quality fiction with a dark side; tales that unnerve, disorient and give readers the good old-fashioned chills. I’m really excited to work with Tenebris Books on Bequest, in particular, I’m really pleased to be working with publisher and editor Zoë Harris, who also leads the Oslo International Writers' Group.

I was reading Kafka’s In the penal colony and one of the last scenes in that story inspired an idea to write a story about tattoos coming alive. Then I recalled a real-life story that had always fascinated me, about an artist named eX de Medici who has tattooed Geoff Ostling’s skin over 15 years and he wants to donate his skin to the National Gallery of Australia when he passes away. These two ideas came together and Bequest was born.

Bequest is a fictionalised story about a man who wants to bequeath his tattooed skin to the National Gallery. The problem is they don’t want his skin. He’s a canvas that nobody wants …

Bequest should be out later this month!


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