10 reasons why I'm pleased I self-published on Screwpulp

25 September 2014 / Leave a Comment
My first novel Searching for Von Honningsbergs was longlisted for the Australian Vogel Award twice, but it was one of those books that I could never come up with a neat one-liner for. It was a fun, but almost unexplainable book. If someone asked, I would mutter 'it's about an artist that travels around the world trying to retrieve paintings by another artist for an exhibition back in Australia, but it's really his story about wanting to be an artist.' I usually lost people by the third time I said the word 'artist'.  The novel had a certain quality about it that two sets of Vogel judges liked, but somehow I felt as though I was going to struggle finding a publisher for it. I never really thought about self-publishing until I came across Screwpulp in January this year. I liked the look of their site and the crowd-driven pricing model for their books. I thought ‘what the hell, I’ll give it a go’. 

As often happens after I make a rash decision, I freaked out a bit. It was the first time I'd had a novel out there in the public domain. I sweated over a lot of things, I replaced the front cover I'd designed with a professional one, I downgraded some of the racy scenes that I didn't want my dad to read and I worried incessantly about certain people reading it. And then a strange thing happened, I received my first ever review on Goodreads, showering it with five stars and so many compliments I blushed. Suddenly it felt good to have a novel out there.

I’ve watched as Screwpulp has grown and developed. They’ve received generous investment funding and are starting to shake up the publishing world by giving the power to readers about what books become popular. Their internal marketing machine is just kicking in and in the last two weeks I've had four times the amount of downloads that I had in the first eight months.

Here are some of the reasons why I'm really happy to have self-published on Screwpulp ...

1. I really like the crowd-driven pricing model. Screwpulp has developed a unique algorithm, based on the number of downloads, ratings and reviews, that sorts the more popular books to a higher price and position on their site.
2. Authors receive 75% of book sales.
3. It's exciting going up a pricing tier, there's something to aim for, a sense of achievement, it creates a buzz. It also gives authors the chance to market their books at special prices, eg. final ten copies for $1, before it goes up!
4. The team at Screwpulp are really supportive, featuring authors on their social media networks, retweeting authors' tweets and being open to feedback.
5. It's so easy to use. I set up my ebook files in one evening with Pressbooks, who Screwpulp has partnered with. In a couple of hours I’d created professional-looking epub, mobi and PDF files.
6. I'm able to edit my blurb, profile and even book pages if and when I need to.
7. It's not Amazon.
8. I love the name Screwpulp and the brand they’re building. For some reason it feels nice to say that Searching for Von Honningsbergs is available exclusively on Screwpulp. (Authors are allowed to have books on other platforms, but I’ve opted to have mine just on Screwpulp.)
9. I’ve got high hopes for them building a community of readers that trust in the books on the site and are looking for their next great Screwpulp read.
10. Simply because they do things like this ...


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