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10 September 2014 / Leave a Comment
Booktrack is a unique platform that allows authors to create audio soundtracks for their stories. Whether it’s a companion piece of music or the sound of a phone ringing, Booktrack can help enhance the reading experience. Here I ask Paul Cameron, CEO, Co-founder and Director, about how he came up with the idea for Booktrack ...

How did the idea for Booktrack come about?
My brother Mark Cameron came up with the original idea for soundtracks to books while he was taking the ferry to work one day. As an avid reader, and also a big music fan, he noticed that some passages of the book he was reading were perfectly matched to the song he was listening to, increasing the drama, tension and emotion of the story. It was a match made in heaven, only there was no technology available back then that could synchronize soundtracks to books!

How can audio soundtracks enhance the reader's experience?
Two independent university studies done by New York University and The University of Auckland have shown that reading on Booktrack helps increase comprehension and engagement. But basically... it's a lot of fun. Readers read for entertainment and enjoyment, and Booktrack enhances that experience. We have many readers who also love music, and often mention to us that before Booktrack, they were listening to music as they were reading anyway.

How can writers best use Booktrack?
Our aim is to keep the core Booktrack product free, so this offers authors the chance to use our website and apps as a great free promotional tool. We encourage writers to post chapters or excerpts from their novels on the platform then point to their paid eBook. Or emerging authors can use the platform to gain wider audiences, including non-traditional reading audiences (musicians, gamers, tech-heads, etc) by publishing serialized fiction, and really participating in our digital community. We have over half a million users and growing at the moment!

How do you see Booktrack developing over the next few years?
We'd love to offer all our authors a way to sell their books. So that is what we're working on over the next few months. In the medium to longer term, we'd love to see Booktrack being used by all the different publishing platforms as another format that readers can choose. We believe we fill the niche between a conventional eBook and an audiobook quite nicely. There isn't really anything like Booktrack out there at the moment, we're the first and only so far!

Listen to an example Booktrack: Dagon, a short story by H.P. Lovecraft -!/bookshelf?booktrackId=875bb1f726604ac095f3dac5abf84d44

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