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29 September 2014 / Leave a Comment
What makes Penner Publishing different to other publishers?
Unlike a lot of small publishers that have emerged in the last few years, we are an advance paying publisher. While we agree that eBooks are the present and likely the future, we don't want to shun print books. We're planning to do a simultaneous or near simultaneous print release. We're also seeking out opportunities to feature selected titles in bookstores. We don't believe in alienating readers who might prefer print. We also don't want to eliminate opportunities for discoverability. As readers, we've found a majority of our favorite authors at libraries and in bookstores and want to keep those options open for our authors.

What kind of manuscripts are you looking for?
First and foremost we're looking for compelling stories that our readers can't put down. Our main interest at this time are novels driven by women characters. We like women with problems they're trying to overcome. Whether that comes in a romance package or in fantasy wrapping doesn't matter as much as the story. Our motto is, Sure to Satisfy. We want readers to walk away glad they've read our author's books.

What are you excited about for the coming 12 months?
The most exciting thing we're looking at in the next year are bringing stories we love to the market in nearly every format available. This includes audiobooks. We're based in Los Angeles where the car is king and audiobooks are a big part of our lives. We're excited to be making connections that will keep our authors in your hands, on your digital devices, and in your ears.



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