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28 October 2014 / Leave a Comment

I might be living in a bubble world, but I only just came across this 'booktubing' phenomenon a little while ago. A booktuber is a person who posts videos about books to YouTube. I've now watched quite a few of these booktuber videos, from people reviewing books, to unpacking boxes of books, to showing us what is on their bookshelf. Megan Olivier is an eighteen year old booktuber, writer, and filmmaker from the North West of England. Her videos are charming and beautifully shot and she has over 10,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. Here I ask her about booktubing ...

Tell us a little about what is a ‘booktuber’?
The simplest definition would be a YouTuber who talks about books! 'Booktubing' evolved from a couple of people posting book reviews and fangirling over their favourite series. People really enjoyed those early videos and more and more book lovers started making their own videos talking about their love of books. I think it just snowballed on from there and now we have hundreds, maybe even thousands of people in the community. The best thing about booktube is that everyone is so lovely and supportive. It's the nicest community that I know of on YouTube!

Why did you decide to become a booktuber?
I just really enjoyed watching other booktubers and thought I'd like to add my opinions into the mix. The fact that I had been making short films and editing videos for quite a few years definitely helped me get started. I love doing anything the involves editing! It's my favourite part. I also write a lot and hope to become an author one day. The YouTube writing community is very much intertwined with the booktube community, so it's a great way to find and share tips.

How do you decide which books to feature on your channel?
I just choose whatever I like and whatever I feel like reading! I read and review such a mixture of things. The majority of the time it's contemporary YA (e.g. John Green, Rainbow Rowell) because that's always been my favourite genre, but I do read some adult fiction, non fiction, historical fiction…all sorts! The theme is just books that I've enjoyed. If I didn't like a book, I probably won't feature it on my channel at all, even in a negative review (I much prefer posting positive reviews for those books I did like!)

What kind of bookish videos do people respond the best to?
In terms of views (which everybody looks at and takes into account - don't believe anyone who says that they don't!), definitely book hauls. Maybe that's just because we're all really materialistic, I don't know! But I love watching them too. It's a great way to keep up to date with what's being released. Other than that, it's probably the reading wrap up videos where I talk about all of the books I've read in a month. In general my most popular videos seem to be those where I speak about multiple books at a time. Book review videos that are solely dedicated to one book very rarely do well, but that doesn't stop me from making them. I still love getting my thoughts out there and discussing them with the few people who do like to watch them.

Visit: https://www.youtube.com/user/MegIsInWonderland


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