Happily Ever After ... a Wattpad ending

17 October 2014

After about eight months of serialising my YA novel 'Silver' on Wattpad, I posted the final two chapters this morning. Along the way I've accrued over 200,000 chapter reads and a dedicated group of readers that pounced on new chapters as I posted them. I was quite happy with my ending. It was inspired by a film called Marwencol (watch it - amazing) and I practically cried with joy when I wrote it. But I knew my ending wasn't going to fulfill some readers. I personally like when a story gives me more questions than answers, but I knew that some might be dissatisfied.

So I waited to see what the response would be ...

After a few minutes, I got my first comment: 'Is this it? I wanted more! I wanted to see them reunite in maybe even one more chapter.'

Second comment: 'What?!! What?!!'

It was going down just as I'd suspected.

Then the requests of was I going to write a sequel started streaming in. The answer is no.

I could understand the reader who said, in her very eloquent way, 'That felt like taking a train for a scenic tour, enjoying the scenery and then coming to a very sudden final stop.'

Two hours later, someone said, simply, 'The perfect ending.' And even if it was just one person that felt that way, it made me feel as though I'd done my job. I'd written the ending the way that felt right to me. Even if some people feel cheated by it, I still feel as though it is the right ending for this story. And I'm glad that someone else agrees.

So 'Silver' comes to an end on Wattpad, and it makes me sad, because although I know there will be new readers, I'll miss the old readers that have accompanied me on this journey. And I really like these readers, even when they're brave enough to tell me they don't like my ending. Maybe because they remind me of me when I was that age. So, I've started writing a new YA story just for them. It just goes to show that when one story finishes, another one is only just beginning ...

Visit: http://www.wattpad.com/story/11440868-silver

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