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21 October 2014 / Leave a Comment
Writ Poetry Review is a new online poetry journal that aims to showcase 21st century Australian poetry. Published out of Perth, Western Australia, it seeks to connect the poetry community in the West. Here I ask editor Alexis Lateef more about the journal. Alexis is a West Australian poet, freelance editor and poetry enthusiast.

Please tell us a little about Writ Poetry Review
Writ Poetry Review is a new Australian poetry journal published out of Perth. It aims to showcase bold and exciting new poetry, by both established and emerging poets, in a heady mix of talent and promise.  We plan to have at least one feature poet every issue, and a selection of up to twenty seven additional poets. We publish poets from across Australia, but aim first and foremost to connect the poetry community in the West, so our priority is Western Australian poets.

Why did you want to launch an online poetry journal?
I first noticed a lack of WA online journals when I started reading poetry journals at uni, and was inspired by online journals like Cordite and Mascara Literary Review. I noticed a lot of these journals were dominated by East coast poets, so I thought that WA should have one of its own, a journal that focuses on helping emerging WA writers get their work out there. I was excited by the possibilities of online publishing, and how it could provide easy access to poetry. I was also intrigued by different online formats, and how we could best design the website so it's visually pleasing and fun to navigate.

What kind of submissions are you looking for?
We are looking for bold and exciting 21st century Australian poetry. We are interested in poems about all sorts of subjects and themes, from nature poetry to self dissections to experimental forms.

How do you see Writ Poetry developing over the next couple of years?
We are already full of new ideas for our second issue, and hope that Writ will continue to expand. We started off with only one feature poet in our first issue, but aim to have at least three in our next issue. We will also include poetry reviews, and publishers have been very supportive in sending us their titles. We are concerned with all things poetry, so will hopefully include relevant articles down the track as well. And we aim to keep developing the website and making it as interactive as possible. We also hope to expand our staff, so if you're reading this and you're a poetry enthusiast and have some time to spare, do get in touch with us at writpoetryreview@gmail.com.

Visit: http://www.writreview.com.au/


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