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14 October 2014 / Leave a Comment
From animation and book trailer creation programs, a thesaurus and a hormone horoscope app, here are a few of my favourite things in my writer’s digital toolkit right now ...

My favourite apps and websites for writers:

Animoto for book trailers

Animoto is a great program for making book trailers. They’ve got lots of great templates to choose from with quirky special effects. You can easily upload your own images or videos, add some text and music and share on YouTube or download as a video file. 30 second videos are free.

Moovly for animations

I was recently invited to do a writing tip video for Wattpad and I wanted to show some written examples in an animation. A quick Google search led me to this site. It has loads of great templates to choose from with cute illustrations to use as animations. It took a little while to understand how to use it and creating a 10-second animation is time consuming, but once I got used to the process it is a lot of fun to use. You can create up to a 10-minute animation for free.


Quote and Quote is a new social platform based around the love of quotes. Writers can pick quotes from their own books, pair with an image and link to the source of the quote (eg. a listing of where to buy the book, or website, blog post). You can share to other social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. People can like and comment on each other’s quotes. A great way to showcase those one-liners that you’re quietly patting yourself on the back for.


We recently had a couple of highschool students working at the gallery who addressed some letters by putting people’s names right up the top of the envelope, in between the stamp and the corporate logo, and placing the postcode in strange positions. We marvelled at how the kids couldn’t even address an envelope and how written communication is dead for that generation.

Lettrs is a social media platform that is bringing back the art of letter writing in a digital format. Lettrs believes that we are communicating more, but saying less. On Lettrs people are encouraged to write long, meaningful letters and they can write open or private Lettrs to people. Open letters are shared with the world, on the site, private Lettrs are sent just to that person. There is even an option to send a printed version of a letter to someone special.

The Chambers Thesaurus

If you’re pumped full of inspiration and haven’t got time to open a thick hardcover thesaurus, this app is for you. It gives formal and colloquial versions of words, as well as antonyms. I love clicking on suggested words that then give more suggestions and so on and so on … and I sometimes end up with a new idea entirely. $6.49

Hormone horoscopes

Okay, this is one just for the girls, but gee I love this app. Download it to your phone and it tells you your good days for creativity and those days when you shouldn’t even bother, but turn off your alarm and have a sleep in instead. And sometimes when I’m filled with self-doubt and feel as if everything I write is terrible and that I should throw in the towel, I can check in on this app and see that it’s just my hormones!


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