The Stoneslide Corrective and how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign

28 January 2015 / Leave a Comment
I've been a fan of The Stoneslide Corrective ever since I came across their rejection generator a couple of years ago. They are now running a Kickstarter campaign to turn their weekly e-magazine, featuring fiction, humour and satire, into a paper-based life-form. Many others must love what they're doing too ... because they reached their target of $6000 in five days! Every dollar raised over their goal will go towards improving the magazine and paying contributors, so there's still time to support this unique publication ...  I asked Christopher Wachlin, one of the founders and editors of Stoneslide, more about what has made their Kickstarter campaign so successful and their future plans for the magazine ...

Why do you think people enjoy supporting projects through campaigns on Kickstarter?
We think people do have a natural reservoir of generosity. When they see a project they like they want to contribute. We’re grateful to readers we’ve never met who have given, and to our friends and relatives who’ve also given.

You reached your target in five days, why do you think your campaign was so successful?
I can think of a few factors: we had an audience already from our website, which we’ve been running for nearly three years. We’re producing a great magazine, with great writing and art, and we’re genuinely excited about that. The single most effective tactic was to cultivate a network of evangelists - people who want to support us and the magazine, and were ready to spread the word on day one.

What advice would you give for others when developing Kickstarter pledge packages?
We’re not experts by any means, as this was our first campaign, but we can say this to other neophytes: learn a lot. Read about what others have done, check out lots of other campaigns, get a sense for what the norms and expectations are in this medium. Then do your thing. Be conscious of what’s expected, but don’t only try to do what someone else says works. Let your spirit show.

You say that anything you raise over your $6000 goal will allow you to pay your contributors and improve the magazine. Tell us how people can still help to support the new magazine?
Even though we’ve reached our initial goal, this is a fledgling enterprise, and we want to give it the strength to really take off and reach more people. First, paying writers is always a good thing. The more we can direct to them, the more they may be able to develop their art and produce more great work.

The reason we decided to create a print edition was to create a great reading experience. A part of that is about the aesthetics, the feel, the photography - everything that surrounds and supports the text. We can improve that and make the feel of the magazine a little finer by investing in better paper stock, using special inks, and other things like that. We’re very excited to have that possibility, and we think our readers will really appreciate it.

Support their Kickstarter campaign at:

And enjoy watching this video ...


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