Headless Books

25 March 2015 / Leave a Comment

In an era of shameless self-promotion and selfies, there’s something refreshing about people who wish to remain anonymous. I've always been intrigued by mystery people, from the guys from TISM to incognito street artists, so when I came across Headless Books via Twitter I just had to take a look at one of his headless book review videos. I found that I liked his calm, analytical and honest approach to reviewing books and that I was listening to what he was saying rather than being distracted by an on-screen persona. I wanted to find out more about why he decided to become a booktuber and what Headless Books is all about ...

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10 tips for writers using Twitter

10 March 2015 / Leave a Comment

  • Have followers. If you're sending tweets out to twelve people, why bother? Your first step is to build an audience. Follow someone similar to yourself, follow their followers, hope that some of them follow you back. I've found that roughly one in three follow back on Twitter. You may find that Twitter will moderate how many people you follow and may stall you at around the following 2000 mark.
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Wattpad and Amazon's new crowd-writing site

4 March 2015 / Leave a Comment
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Ericka Clay from TipsyLit about her new novel Unkept

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Ericka Clay is one of those writers I constantly see on the web and think 'I love what she's doing'. Her blog posts, videos and podcasts are witty, bubbly and helpful. I was pleased when I read some of her work on Wattpad and discovered her story writing sparkles too. Her talent deserves recognition, so I'm happy her debut novel Unkept has just come out with Bannerwing Books ...

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