Juggling writing with motherhood - Ericka Clay

27 May 2015 / Leave a Comment

Ericka Clay, author of recently published Unkept (Bannerwing Books), founder of TipsyLit and one of my favourite online writers and bloggers tells us how she juggles writing with motherhood. She suggests that we embrace our imperfections and that writing mothers are almost oxymorons ...

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What’s in a character's name?

24 May 2015 / Leave a Comment

Last night I went to a local theatre production of a new work of dance, comedy, drama and physical theatre. I’m acquainted with the writer/director and the lead actress through the local community. I’ve seen one of their other performances and really enjoyed it. Anyway, I’m sitting there with a friend of mine, enjoying the beginning of the performance, when three minutes in the main character refers to herself as ‘Rowena’. It made me a little flushed around the neck. Rowena, that’s my name. It's not all that common. That’s okay. I guess they have to call her something. Why not Rowena? I give names to my characters all the time: Luisa, Sylvie, Ivy, so what? I knew a Luisa once, it didn’t mean anything at all to me to name my character Luisa.

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Juggling writing with motherhood - Tess Woods

20 May 2015 / Leave a Comment

Tess Woods is a health professional who lives in Perth, Australia, with one husband, two children, one dog and one cat who rules over all of them. Love at First Flight is her first novel for HarperCollins. Her advice for other writing mothers is simple - get a good coffee machine, a cleaner and build a community of other writing mums around you ...

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Juggling writing with motherhood - Liz Madrid

13 May 2015 / Leave a Comment

Our first writing mother featured in our 'Juggling writing with motherhood series' is Liz Madrid. She writes contemporary new adult as well as paranormal fiction and her novel Loving Ashe has had over a million reads on Wattpad in less than six months!  Liz suggests that writing mothers set up a schedule to write each day and that they also find balance outside of the family to recharge those writing batteries ...

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Juggling writing with motherhood series

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This is how a mother gets any writing done ... she pretends there isn't washing to be folded, ignores the mess and hopes a sales guy doesn't turn up on her doorstep trying to sell solar panels as it will wake her sleeping child ...

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How my novel is getting published by HarperCollins

12 May 2015 / Leave a Comment
It's finally happened - I've signed a contract with one of the Big Five publishers! HarperCollins's digital first imprint Impulse will be publishing my novel The Replacement Wife - about a woman who falls in love with another man, so she tries to find a wife for her husband. Here's how it happened ...

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Author Katie O'Rourke about her new novel A Long Thaw

6 May 2015 / Leave a Comment

I came across Katie O'Rourke way back in 2012 on Authonomy and interviewed her on this blog about the release of her debut novel Monsoon Season. She had a fascinating story to tell about how an editor discovered her work on Authonomy and approached her about publishing it. Monsoon Season went on to become a bestselling ebook with a traditional publisher but she recently decided to self-publish her latest novel. Katie tells us more about her new novel, her decision to self-publish and her advice for new authors working with publishers ...

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Art, culture and kiddy stuff in Japan

3 May 2015 / Leave a Comment

I've just returned from two fabulous weeks in Japan. I love how civilised it feels over there, how no two toilets operate in the same way, I love the food, the courteous behaviour, I like taking my shoes off before entering a hotel room and being offered a cloth so I don't get makeup on a dress I'm trying on in a store ... I love their attention to detail. Here are some of the highlights of our trip ...

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