Touching Doodles

17 June 2015 / Leave a Comment
Like finding gold amongst rubble, I recently discovered Touching Doodles on Twitter. Kyle is creating a daily sketch and quote inspired by life's confusing and terrifying bits. His posts are often inspiring and thought-provoking and I find myself looking forward to what he's going to create next. I've asked Kyle if I can share a few of my favourite ones here ...

Often there is a little bit of sadness hiding behind every moment of happiness

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10 things I’ve learned about readers from crowd-writing on Wattpad

9 June 2015 / 1 comment
what I've learned about readers from crowd-writing on Wattpad

I’ve had my stories on Wattpad for about 18 months now. With every chapter I’ve posted, I’ve built a readership. But more importantly, crowd-writing on Wattpad has allowed me to find out what my readers think as I go along. I’ve been interested in their feedback – it’s diverse – funny, intelligent and sometimes plain rude. But I can’t help loving each and every comment that I receive because it teaches me so much about readers. It also helps me to cultivate a thicker skin for criticism and to understand that some readers are flippant, some are easy to impress, some are hard to impress, some readers get my humour, some readers see humour when there was none, some readers are impatient with the story, some readers want the story to slow down, some readers are fans who want to shake pom poms at every sentence, some readers will read right to the end of a novel and then say your story stinks …

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10 tips to take your own author headshot

3 June 2015 / Leave a Comment

There are three things a publisher is going to need from you when you're having a book published: an author bio, a blurb and an author headshot. As much as readers love to read your words, they're also going to be curious about what you look like, and your author photo can say something about you.

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