10 tips for how writers can use #bookstagram on Instagram

22 July 2015 / Leave a Comment
instagram writers

The problem with being a writer is the act of writing is boring. Look here I am at my laptop, writing. Oh again, I'm at my laptop, writing. I'm drinking a long black coffee out of an aqua blue cup. I'm typing on my laptop. I've had three coffees already today, so I'm drinking a black tea. I'm at a cafe. Writing. Fingers, keys, laptop. I've got crumbs on my keyboard. The act of writing is repetitive and not very Instagram-worthy.

So when I came across #bookstagram I was like, finally, this is something I can contribute to! Type #bookstagram or #bookphoto or #bookphotography into Instagram and drool at some of the great photos #booklovers have been taking!

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Jason Howell on Extrovert Writers

16 July 2015 / Leave a Comment

Today I give thanks to writer Jason Howell. On his groundbreaking site Howlarium he asks the important questions. His discussion on Extrovert Writers made me reassess online attention seeking ...

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Recipes for writers - Healthy writing snacks

14 July 2015 / Leave a Comment
good brain food granola bars

Let me start this post by saying I think ‘snack’ is one of the ugliest sounding words in the English language. In any case, good food can be great fuel for writing and concentration. Rather than sitting at the keyboard gorging on dark chocolate, here’s a couple of sweet recipes I love making lately that contain food for the brain. They can also be healthy school snacks or work snacks, beach snacks or travel snacks … snack, snack, snack … yucky word, yummy food …

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