Jason Howell on Extrovert Writers

16 July 2015 / Leave a Comment

Today I give thanks to writer Jason Howell. On his groundbreaking site Howlarium he asks the important questions. His discussion on Extrovert Writers made me reassess online attention seeking ...

He says ...

How are you writing books and your face is all in a web cam on YouTube, when you've got colourful shit on the wall behind you, and you've got makeup on and you're talking like you're trying to promote your fucking high school homecoming game, but you're talking about a book that you wrote. Why did you write that shit? I'm sorry, I wish you all the luck in the world, I really do. I just don't understand how that happens ...

(Listen to Jason below, it's far more fun when you hear him saying it ...)

In this digital age, we have these writerpreneurs in our faces, making a business out of talking about writing. There's also a new breed of vlogging writers, who may be as talented in their writing as they are with their banter, but it shouldn't lure other writers into thinking they have to do that.

It's too easy to be influenced by extrovert writers and to think that audience building is as important as fine writing. But really, the best writing is probably being done right now in someone's bedroom who doesn't have high speed broadband or a web cam and they've never posted a word on Twitter.

Listen to more of Jason's thought-provoking discussions here: http://www.howlarium.com/stories

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