Discoverability: new Anaïs Nin collection Auletris

25 October 2016 / Leave a Comment

Little Birds collection Anais Nin

Last year I came across a Penguin classics book in a secondhand bookstore. I recognised the name Anaïs Nin from a Brainpickings post with a Debbie Millman drawing:

Anais Nin quote

But that's all that I knew about Anaïs Nin.

I paid my $5, took Little Birds home and discovered that what was inside those pages opened up my mind like the door of a bird cage.

In the introduction Nin describes herself as the 'Madame of an unusual house of literary prostitution.' The tale goes that Henry Miller was asked by a collector to write short erotica stories for one dollar a page. After a while, Miller no longer wanted to write these type of stories, so Nin took it over. Lucky for us.

Once I'd been awakened to Nin's work, I went on to read another collection of her erotica stories Delta of Venus. That's when I discovered Paul Herron's Anais Nin Podcasts

Anais Nin podcast Paul Herron

I enjoyed walking the dog with Paul Herron's podcasts about Nin in my ear.  I heard about how she dressed up for a party called Come as your madness like this:

Anais Nin party

I listened in awe about her relationship with Henry Miller and how later in life she had two husbands at the same time. The real-life Nin became as fascinating as her stories.

So this week, when I downloaded Paul Herron's latest podcast and he talked about how he's just published a new collection of Nin's stories that have never been seen before, I was feeling breathless already.

Herron discovered a folder from Nin's literary agent Gunther Stuhlmann’s archive that read “Provincetown Erotica??”. After reading Auletris, Herron recognised its literary value and worked hard to publish it under his Sky Blue Press imprint.

Anais Nin

But upon the launch of the book, he's found that Amazon has limited the search function on Auletris. Herron says on his website: 'Amazon says that it has made the decision that Auletris shall not be searchable because of its “adult content.” Even the cover is obscene, they say.'

Which makes me wonder how come dino porn like this can be searchable on Amazon:

Christie Sims dino porn

Is someone at Amazon deciding that sex with T-rex is okay to be promoted, but deeply moving, realistic, excitingly complicated prose about human relations is not?

Nin's stories are high art and deserve to be 'discoverable'.

Buy your own copy of Auletris by following the link here: 

And leave a review on Amazon to let them know how much the world needs to be able to discover these stories ...
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