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21 November 2016 / Leave a Comment
The first bad man Miranda July

The first time I heard about Miranda July was from my ex husband's sister. She looked at me wide-eyed with disbelief that I hadn't heard of Miranda July. 'You know, the filmmaker/actress/artist?' Nup, I'd never heard of her. My ex sister-in-law has great taste in books, and she really was quite sure that I must definitely read Miranda July, so I did that thing where I typed July's name and book title in the notes section of my phone and then promptly forgot about it.

The second time I heard about Miranda July was while reading super funny artist Kenny Pittock's blog. He'd made a ceramic sculpture of July's book The First Bad Man, went to Melbourne Town Hall to hear her talk and lined up, carrying the book sculpture in a shoebox, and asked her to sign it. Here's a photo Miranda July posted on Instagram of her signing Kenny Pittock's book sculpture:

Miranda July Kenny Pittock book sculpture

Finally, I stumbled across July's website and discovered her theatre show 'The Society' where the audience are asked if they'd like to live in the theatre forever with her and form a new society: http://www.mirandajuly.com/#new-society

The concept of a lifetime in a new society being played out in an interactive theatre show was the clincher, it was time to read Miranda July. I'm 50 pages in to The First Bad Man and I'm loving the oddball humour, the surreal characterisation and unexpected twists and turns.

I'm now telling you all, 'you must read this book'. 

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