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28 February 2017 / Leave a Comment
use canva to create wattpad kindle ebook cover

Canva has recently launched ebook cover designs - for Wattpad and Kindle - and it's super easy to create eye-catching ebook covers in under 10 minutes!

Canva was founded by Melanie Perkins from Perth. She is the great Australian startup story. At 19 she was trying to explain to her university buddies how to use Photoshop and other design software and she started thinking there has to be an easier way to do good design in under 20 clicks!

She set out to create a platform that is stylish and simple to use. Real designers must hate it! Because now literally anyone can create beautifully designed material without going to university to study design for 3 years. As the Canva motto says, they are 'Empowering the world to design'.

How to create a book cover 

1. Go to Canva and register, if you haven't already:

2. Go to and scroll down until you find the section 'blogging or ebooks' - select either Wattpad book cover or Kindle Cover

3. Scroll through the layouts and select an ebook design template. There are totally free versions of paid ones starting from around $1

how to free book cover canva

4. Now you want to select an image. In the left size toolbar select 'Elements' - 'free photos'. You can start scrolling through the free images or use the search bar for something specific (some images may cost $1).

Alternatively you may like to choose a royalty free image from awesome free image sites such as Pexels or LibreStock. Use the 'Uploads' button in the left bar to upload any sourced images.

create free ebook cover on canva

5. Add your own book title, author name and short blurb or endorsement by over-typing in the text boxes. You can adjust font size, type and colour and reposition the text boxes. I tend to stick close to what the Canva designers have templated, as hey, they're the designers, I'm not!

canva free ebook cover

6. When you're happy with the design, click the download button in the top bar and save as a JPG or PNG.

Voila! You have your own awesome, eye-catching ebook cover! Now just load it to Wattpad or Kindle or wherever you want to snag those readers ...

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