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14 February 2017 / Leave a Comment
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In January this year I was invited to publish my stories on Radish Fiction after someone noticed my stories on Wattpad. Radish is a short-form serialized fiction platform where people make micropayments of roughly 4 cents to unlock each chapter.

I'd previously interviewed Takatsu on this blog and found out about the popularity of cell phone novels in Asia, so I knew a little about the potential for apps like this. While my stories have attracted a big audience on Wattpad, I haven't been able to cash in on those reads. For me, it's been like street art - I've put my stories out there and it's been a gift to those who have discovered it.

So I received this invitation to Radish in my inbox and it sounded interesting. But I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. I'm very grateful to Wattpad and I didn't want to start ripping my stories away from that platform on a whim.

Then I remembered a story I'd written early last year called Permission to Touch. I live in a suburb that is rumoured to have been the swinging capital of Australia back in the 1970s. Still, everyone around here seems to know someone who knows someone who is a swinger. (I'm not talking swing dancing, I'm talking the other sort of swinging.)

Anyway, a friend told me a story about someone she knew whose teenage son came home and found a swingers' party going on at his home. And it sparked my imagination ... imagine coming home and finding your parents hosting a swingers party ... that was all I needed to get my fingers flying across the keyboard.

I wrote the story, I was reading Anaïs Nin, so I turned up the heat on those sex scenes, I wove in some ideas about the importance of young females knowing about pleasure - I thought I'd send it out to publishers and agents and people would be all over it.

But ... I have never gotten such quick, harsh rejections for a story in my life. I had one rejection, pretty much 30 seconds after I sent the pitch, basically saying no way, not today, not ever, are you kidding?!

So, this is the story I decided to trial on Radish.

There's 3 pricing models authors can choose from:

  • Premium: where readers pay per chapter to read a story, must be exclusive to Radish and must remain on the site for 3 months after the final chapter is posted.
  • Freemium: readers pay to read the latest chapter now, or wait one week to read it for free.
  • Free: as a way of building an audience.

I went for the Premium model and within a couple of days I was starting to earn coins for my chapters and people were subscribing to the story. A novel that had been widely and brutally rejected was starting to attract readers and, like a miracle, people were paying for it.

Radish has raised $3 million in seed funding from investors including UTA, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments and author Amy Tan and have expert advisors such as former Penguin Random House CEO Alberto Vitale. Early financial backers have invested in Uber, Spotify, AirBnB, Dropbox, and other iconic technology companies.

My novel Permission to Touch was accepted into Radish's editorial program and has been professionally proofread - so chapters can be uploaded without the fear of embarrassing typos. And I've just been accepted into the Daily Featured List where the story will get an extra boost through their social media and promotion channels.

Radish genres include Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Teen, Mystery, LGBT, Sci-Fi and General.

Readers can download the app on iOS or Android.

Writers can apply to join the platform here: https://www.radishfiction.com/writer.html Writers retain rights to their work published on the site.

You can read 3 chapters of Permission to Touch for free here (try before you buy!): https://radish.app.link/jhI7pd9ZJA (after that, chapter purchases are dead-easy, one click, in-app payments. Readers can buy bulk coins at a time, the more coins you buy, the cheaper they become ...)

This is my totally hot book cover of Permission to Touch:

Permission to Touch Radish fiction ebook cover

This is my app-friendly image:

Permission to Touch book cover Radish fiction

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