How to nurture a writer

28 March 2017 / Leave a Comment

I came across M. Molly Backes's blog post How to be a writer a few years ago. I was incredibly moved by her post on how to raise a writer and I often want to re-read it, having my own children. But I keep losing the post and then I have to find it again by typing in weird google searches such as: 'daughter wants to be a writer a bit of neglect'.

Anyway, I just found it again, and now I'm writing a blog post about it, because once I publish this post, it's a way of me saving the link to Molly's post forever! And it's a way of me sharing it with all of you ...

If you have a daughter (or a son) and they're keen on writing, you must read this. It's not going to tell you that they should grow up reading the classics or studying books on writing. It's going to tell you how they should have the space to daydream as well as a healthy dose of teen angst for the ideal artistic upbringing.

And if you're a writer yourself, maybe you're going to go, oh yeah, that's how I grew up ...

This is the perfect blueprint, I think, for any writer's childhood.

Best tips from Molly's post on how to raise a writer (but please read the whole post on her blog):

Let her be bored. Let her have long afternoons with absolutely nothing to do.

Let her be lonely. Let her believe that no one in the world truly understands her.

Let her work long hours for crappy pay with a mean employer and rude customers. If she wants to be a writer, she’ll have to be comfortable with hard work and low pay.

Never take her writing personally or assume it has anything to do with you, even if she only writes stories about dead mothers and orphans.

Let her find her own voice, even if she has to try on the voices of a hundred others first to do so.

Keep her safe but not too safe, comfortable but not too comfortable, happy but not too happy.

Now, read M. Molly Backes's whole post here: and save it to Evernote, or the notes file on your phone, or tattoo it on the inside of your arm.
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