Wattpad vs Radish

Should you publish your novel on Wattpad or Radish? Here's the pros and cons of each.

Wattpad vs Radish notebook

So you've written a novel and would like to publish it online. You've looked into various online publishing platforms and are considering which one is better - Wattpad or Radish Fiction? 

I have novels on both Wattpad and Radish Fiction. I like both, for different reasons. I'm also a member of a Facebook group - Writing and Selling on Fiction apps - so I put the question out to other members of the group for their opinions too. 

Should you publish your novel on Wattpad or Radish?

Wattpad vs Radish for community

Wattpad is good for the community and the social side. Readers on Wattpad can be like cheerleaders for you - which is great to help motivate you as a writer. I loved the experience of writing a young adult novel on Wattpad so much, with such a positive and insightful community, that I went on to write two more novels for young readers. So if you're looking for positive encouragement as an author - head to Wattpad.

Radish also has a comments function - but don't expect the kind of love as you receive on Wattpad from readers. Mostly I've been told off on Radish for my chapters being too short or my love scenes not being long enough! But this could be an age factor as well - my readers on Wattpad are young adults whereas my stories on Radish are for older women.

Wattpad or Radish? Depends on the genre

It might depend on which genre you have written to whether your book will be better off on Wattpad or Radish.

Wattpad is better for young adult, new adult, paranormal and sci-fi. Radish is better for romance, mystery, thriller and fantasy.

Before you make the choice to publish your novel on either Wattpad or Radish - spend some time on each platform and observe which books are featured on the homepage and where your book might fit better. 

Radish is curated. You have to apply to Radish to be accepted into the platform. If you are accepted, you are one of around 2000 authors on the platform (currently). You might even decide to apply to Radish and if you are not accepted, then you can put your novel on Wattpad.

Radish versus Wattpad for monetization

Wattpad is like going to the casino. You may or may not win. The opportunities on Wattpad are massive - they have a paid program, as well as Wattpad books - where your book could potentially be traditionally published by a major publisher, as well as Wattpad studios - where your book could be picked up by a TV or movie studio. 

Wattpad collects the data on what stories are doing well and resonating with readers - and feeds this back to the team to contact writers for paid opportunities. In a way, they are working like literary agents and creating deals for authors on Wattpad. However, it is not guaranteed that you will make any money on the platform.

If you would like to submit your story to the Wattpad paid programs, fill out the story notes in your story and tick which opportunities you are interested in:

how to apply for paid programs Wattpad

With Radish you have more of a guarantee of getting paid, if you are accepted into the platform. How much you are paid, depends on how many reads your novel is getting as people pay per chapter. Radish has recently changed how much it pays authors, and while this has decreased a little in the last couple of months, Radish has assured authors that promotion of their works will increase, which should eventually result in an increase in payments.

Radish is positioning itself as the 'Netflix' for serialised fiction. They hire  professional writers to craft stories for the platform via Radish originals. So if you are lucky enough to be accepted as a writer with Radish - you are among professional writers and the quality on Radish is probably better than the tens of thousands of novice writers on Wattpad.

With Radish, you can apply for your novel to be featured in a monthly promotion. Just make sure you are reading the Radish newsletters or writers announcements for opportunities to be promoted on the homepage. Payments often improve for the month when your novel is promoted.

On Radish, you have to select a pricing model for your novel. They have a number of different pricing models:

Premium = three coins to access and read. 

Freemium = three coins to access and read each episode, however, each episode will be made free to read a minimum of seven days after publication

Wait-to-Unlock = readers can wait a designated timeframe for it to unlock for Free or they can pay to unlock it early (you can choose how many chapters you want on the Wait-to-Unlock plan too)

Free = episodes are completely unlocked and readers will not have to pay to read. 

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Wattpad versus Radish for exclusivity

This is a big concern for authors who publish their work on digital platforms. When I asked other authors on the Fiction app group whether they thought Wattpad or Radish was better, a number of them said Radish because it was non-exclusive. To be accepted into the paid program on Wattpad, your novel can only be on Wattpad exclusively. 

However - you need to read the exclusivity clauses carefully as some of the pricing models on Radish also require exclusivity. 

Communicating with Wattpad or Radish as an author

I've found staff at both Wattpad and Radish are great to communicate with. If you have queries - you can send them a message and someone will get back to you in a few days. 

An editor at Radish did a light edit of my story before it was published. She was lovely and positive to work with.

Wattpad has been in touch with me about becoming a featured author in the early days and more recently about some interest they had from an external party about one of my stories.

I've found staff at both Wattpad and Radish extremely professional and pleasant to work with.

So the biggest thing, I think, when deciding whether to publish your story on Radish or Wattpad is to consider what genre your novel is and where would it would find the most readers, whether you are happy for your novel to be exclusive or non-exclusive, and whether you are happy with a guaranteed pay or the gamble of a publishing or studio deal. 

Good luck with it! Both are great in my opinion! 


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