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How to write a novel for beginners with The Novel Factory.

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How to write a novel for beginners

Are you just starting out on writing a novel and need some tips to help you along? Do you need help developing your characters and creating a strong plot to keep your readers turning the page? 

Or are you an experienced writer but you're a pantser (like me) and would like to learn how to plan your novel better?

Let me introduce The Novel Factory!

The Novel Factory has researched all the necessary elements of a great novel and developed inexpensive software that gives writers a clear roadmap to help them write their novel.

The Novel Factory encourages writers to start with a clear plan, to develop characters and settings, goals and subplots. 

The short videos and step-by-step guides are like a professional writing course on steroids. They've narrowed down the most important tips on how to write a novel and have created worksheets that writers can fill out to track their characters, settings and world-building.

How The Novel Factory gives you tips on how to write a novel

You can sign up with a free 30-day trial (from $7.50 a month thereafter).  The Novel Factory gives you a clear roadmap to start and complete your novel in 15 steps. From the initial idea (the premise), through to outlining the plot,  character development, scene blocking, first draft, locations, subplots, through to the final draft.

How to write a novel

Watch the introduction video on how the roadmap works. You can also read about practical tips on writing, such as creating a daily habit and finding a safe space to write.

Go through and read the tips and watch the videos in each of the 15 steps in the roadmap to understand how The Novel Factory software works and the kind of ideas you will need to outline your novel.

How to write a plot outline

Once you understand the 15 steps in the roadmap, it is time to get started. Click on the left hand bar to work through each step. Fill out your premise and the short and long synopsis. The Novel Factory will give you prompts for each step.

How to write a premise or elevator pitch

How to write a plot outline for a novel

The Plot Manager is one of the best features in The Novel Factory. The Plot Manager actually gives you plot templates to work with! This is genius - as it guides you through the most important elements needed in classic types of stories such as the Hero's Journey, Romance, Mystery or Detective.

Plot template The Novel Factory

If we select Hero's Journey - the software then gives us the typical elements that happen in each part of the novel, breaking scenes into Act I, II and III:

Hero's journey scenes

The software then pre-fills those scenes into index cards - to further give you tips on how to write the novel for that genre. Here is an example of the index cards for the Hero's Journey:

Index cards Hero's Journey The Novel Factory

Once you have filled in the index cards, you will be able to see an overview of all the main scenes in your novel and how you are going to get from A-Z.

Click on manuscript in the left toolbar and all the index card information that you have filled in will populate on the right hand side, and now you can start writing the manuscript with the clear guide you have already set up!

Manuscript The Novel Factory

How to write good characters in a novel

The Novel Factory also helps guide you through character development in your story. You can develop your characters in the character tab:

Character development The Novel Factory

Fill out as many questions as you can to get a really clear idea about your characters - their childhood, their flaws, their wishes, their quirks and mannerisms. Get to know your characters inside out! How do they talk? What do they look like? Go into as much detail as possible here.

How to write world building in a novel

If you are writing a novel with world-building the Locations and Items tabs will help you visualise and keep track of the unique world you are creating in The Novel Factory.

How to keep track of research when writing a book

Finally, you can use the Notes tab to keep track of research material, links, images and even create your own checklist.

The Novel Factory is sophisticated software to help you write your novel. The built-in tips guide you as you go along. Take your time and read the tips, watch the videos and fill out the question prompts as much as possible. This will give you a clear idea of where you are heading with your novel and a deeper understanding of your characters and the world you are building.

The Novel Factory really is a writer's best friend. It will give you all the tips you need to write a novel. Try The Novel Factory free 30-day trial here

After the free trial, the software costs from $7.50 a month thereafter, or you can sign up for an annual plan. You will be able to use any upgrades and new features.


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