Bookbolt: Create A Low Content Book In Minutes

How to publish low content books using BookBolt to create passive income

Low content books with BookBolt

What is a low content book?

It’s easy to generate passive income by publishing a low content book.

As the name indicates, a book that has little to no text is called a low content book. Some examples of low content books are notebooks, sketchbooks, planners, recipe books and journals.

The best thing about low content books is you can create them in just a few hours, but they can help you make a small amount of passive income per month. Some of the benefits of low content books:

You can create them quickly

There is no need to have a website or email list

You don’t need to hire writers or write it yourself

No upfront investment of money

No need to keep inventory because everything will be managed on Amazon KDP.

How do you create low content books on BookBolt?

The good news is you can create a low content book on BookBolt in less than an hour. 

You need to design the book cover and inner pages. You can do this on BookBolt, or you can hire a graphic designer for this task. 

You need two files (one pdf for the cover and one pdf for the interior). In the BookBolt Designer feature you can create both the cover and the interior. 

For the cover, import images with the drag and drop option. Or you can design the low content book cover in Canva easily, just choose one of their book cover templates.

For the interior of the book, you can use The BookBolt Designer. They have many templates you can choose from for the interior pages of recipe books, journals, weekly planners etc.

Create a low content book BookBolt interior

Another cool feature to create books with BookBolt is the which allows you to combine different ready to use interiors and make the book unique.

Come up with a unique idea for low content books

There are many low content books on Amazon, so try and think of something unique. 

I've created 4 low content books using the BookBolt templates.

One that I'm particularly fond of is my Moving out of home: Feel good recipes from home recipe book.

When I created this book, my idea was that parents could handwrite recipes in this book for when their child is moving out of home with recipes they enjoyed from home. It's a cute little gift to help their child start cooking and to feel comforted by recipes from their childhood. 

Recipe low content book BookBolt

What are the best tips for listing low content books on Amazon?

I asked Iara Rudy, Head Of Business Development at BookBolt her best tips for listing low content books on Amazon. She said:

'RESEARCH, RESEARCH and more RESEARCH. Before I start designing a low content book to put up for sale on Amazon I need to ensure there is a demand and low competition. This is why I think BookBolt is very valuable: I can get information that I would not be able to obtain without it. I know which are the best sellers in every book category, I know the best sellers pricing strategy and how do they look like.

Furthermore, spending a good time finding the right keywords with BookBolt will determine sales. We need to list the low content books with the keywords our audience is using when searching on Amazon.'

You will need to create an Amazon KDP Account - carefully fill in your tax information and also read the terms and conditions. 

After creating your Amazon KDP account, the next step is to sign in and provide Paperback details in the Bookshelf section. For example, you need to provide the Book title, Author name, Short Description of your book, and sales price. Again, look at other examples of low content books, so that your book is competitive in sales price. BookBolt also has videos with tips for finding suitable categories on Amazon.

Best practice for marketing low content books and driving sales

BookBolt has a number of posts on their website for building a brand and getting reviews and creating Amazon ads to promote low content books. This is going to be the hard part, but the most crucial part in driving attention to your book. Stick with it. Create a business plan. Decide how much you want to invest in advertising and what your returns will be. If you have a social media platform - spread the word through these!

Click here to find out more about BookBolt and how you can create your own low content book.

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