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This article was written by AI writing software - I will tell you which one at the end!

If you are a writer and have ever thought about using artificial intelligence to help with writing your stories, articles, website content, blogs or whatever else it is that you write, then this article is for you. In this article I will explain exactly what Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do for you and which one is the easiest to use.

What is Artificial Intelligence and how can it help you become a better writer?

In the simplest terms, AI is a computer program that has been designed to think and act like a human. It can learn, make decisions and complete tasks just like a human would. This technology has been around for decades, but it has only recently started to take off.

If you are running a blog, then you should know that there is no need to hire an expert writer anymore. The reason is that there are simplified artificial intelligence applications available in the market today which can help you create blog posts faster and more efficiently than any human writer can.

A simplified artificial intelligence application can be defined as an application that uses the latest algorithm and technology to perform the work of a human writer. It is capable of completing tasks such as writing sentences, extracting information from a web page or even analyzing data.

So let's take a look at some of the AI writing softwares out there. And at the end, I'll tell you which one helped me write this entire post!

Jasper AI writing software

Jasper AI uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to create custom content, but it is smart enough to know when you are writing, and when it should step in. The program can then help you write your content with ease, and you’ll find yourself creating more content than ever before.

Jasper AI can also help you gain more followers by producing better content for social media, and generating more traffic.

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Find more about Jasper AI here.

AI Writer writing software

There are a lot of great tools out there that help you write content faster. However, these tools do not always produce high-quality content. At best, these tools can come up with mediocre writing that needs to be edited by a human writer. Other times, the writing produced is just plain bad and doesn’t need much editing at all.

AI Writer is different because it produces content that is so good, you will think it was written by a human writer. It does this by learning about your company’s voice and style, then replicating it in its writing.

Unlike other AI writing software, AI Writer can be used to create both long and short pieces of content. It can be used for anything from writing a blog post for your business, to writing an article for your website, or even creating a book.

The biggest factor that makes it different is the ability to save your content as a word file, and edit it as you would any other piece of content. The added benefit of using AI Writer is that you will have a more natural sounding voice in the text, due to the advanced algorithms used to create it.

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Simplified AI writing software

Most AI software works by scanning your content for keywords, and then deciding a response. This usually leads to a glaringly obvious pattern in writing, which results in spammy, repetitive content.

Simplified AI has been specially designed to overcome this problem. It is unique in that it uses natural language processing to understand the context of your content and respond naturally with relevant information.

Find more about Simplified AI here.

Copymatic AI writing software

Copymatic has a few key differences to other AI writing software that make it more useful for businesses who want to automate their content creation.

Copymatic is the first ever AI-based software that can write high-quality content for you. It does this by creating a unique personality for each article and mimicking real human writing style. Copymatic can be customized to fit the voice of any business or brand, and even named like an employee. Copymatic’s writing style is very similar to that of a human writer. It doesn’t use keyword stuffing, and it uses complex sentences with active verbs. Copymatic also writes content in a way that is easy to read and understand.

Copymatic is a human-quality writer that is ideal for creating content for websites, blogs, or other online platforms. It has a variety of topics it can write about, and it will even create an entire article for you based on a keyword. You can also have it write about a specific topic, and it will follow your guidelines.

Find more about Copymatic here.

Anyword AI writing software

Anyword uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help content creators write better, more engaging content that gets twice as many views than the average.

Staggering statistics show writers are struggling to find the right words, with over half of all writers citing it as their number one problem. Anyword can help by using AI to pick out the best words, phrases and sentences to create engaging and interesting content.

Anyword is the most advanced AI writing software in the world. It’s a unique combination of the best technologies from three different domains, including NLP, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Anyword uses a unique algorithm to find the best possible answer for a given question by analysing millions of posts across all social networks. This question is then passed to an NLP engine that extracts any and all relevant nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs from the question.

Should you fact check AI writing?

People are scared of AI because it seems like robots will take over the world. To quell their fears, you should fact check AI writing. Here are three examples of when you should fact check AI writing:

- If you need to write something that is objective, or has to do with things like facts or events, it’s better to let a human do that job.

- If you have a long and complicated piece that may have some mistakes in it, let humans take care of it instead of machines. Also, if you have a piece that is very long and detailed and also has lots of images, it’s better to let a human do the job.

- If you have a piece that is very short and has only one or two images, then it’s probably okay to let a machine write it.

In the near future, AI will be writing and publishing content in a lot of places. Fact checking content will ensure that your brand isn’t associated with any misinformation, or at least give you the opportunity to correct any mistakes before it gets out into the world. Fact checking AI is no different than fact checking any other type of content. It’s more work, but it’s worth it.

One third of the news in Bloomberg has been written by AI reporters

It is interesting to note that roughly a third of the content published by Bloomberg News uses some form of automated technology. Bloomberg uses AIs to generate stories about company earnings and other data-driven topics. The AI also has the ability to generate news stories based on data collected from other media.

While Bloomberg is using AI to help produce content, it is still up to humans to determine what makes a good story. The human editors and reporters are responsible for making sure the stories are accurate and balanced.

It is easy to see how this technology could be used to replace human reporters. After all, the technology can produce news stories faster than a human can write them. The real question is whether the public would accept news stories written by a machine.

Can AI write a novel?

In a recent article in the New York Times, the author wondered if a computer could write better fiction than humans. He mentioned that AI had already beaten us at chess and Go, and he saw no reason why it wouldn’t be able to beat us in writing as well.

He was right. Artificial Intelligence is already capable of creating compelling stories that are hard to distinguish from human ones. In a study published in Nature, researchers from the University of Montreal showed that they could create a machine-written story that was so realistic that it fooled more than half of the people who read it.

You can read my post recent post Can AI help you write a novel? - where I tested Jasper AI to start a creative story - and the results were amazing!

So which AI writing software wrote this blog? 

Simplified AI. It's incredibly easy to use. I really like how you can write a sentence, like a heading or question, and then highlight it and select 'write section'. A few different options are generated in the right hand panel and you can select your favourite. 

You can also highlight and select expand, continue section or rewrite. I also like how you can select which part of a blog post you are writing - eg, the heading, the introduction, an outline, a conclusion.

Simplified AI

It is also less expensive than other AI writing software programs. To access the long form writer you will need the business plan, which starts from $30 paid monthly, or $24 yearly.

Simplified AI wrote the review article on each of the AI writing software programs featured here - so see what you think. Did it do a good job?