How to create an audiobook using AI

Create a human-sounding audiobook with AI in minutes

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Imagine an AI reader who sounds just like a Hollywood actor who can read your poetry or novel aloud. No more twenty million takes to create an audiobook. Just copy and paste your text into this software and it will create a beautiful-sounding audiobook of your short story, novel or poetry in seconds! It sounds like a professional voice-recording artist, no kidding!

Let's start with the proof! Listen to this reading by AI of a poem I wrote:

 Like it? If so, here's how you can create your own audiobook using AI.

How to create an audiobook using Speechelo AI

Head over to Speechelo and create an account. When I signed up a year ago, it cost around $60, but there's often great deals. For instance, it's now just $27. No monthly subscription fees, just a one-off payment!

Speechelo has an excellent training video that explains how to make your first high-quality book reading audio file! Start out by watching the training video, to understand how to create a book reading with AI in just six minutes.

First up, you're going to want to choose an accent and a voice. Do you want US English or UK? Or would you like an Italian accent to read your audiobook? Select the language and the voice and then hit the preview button to listen to your selection.

Choose an accent in Speechelo

Now that you've selected your voice for the audio file, paste your text into the box, up to 5000 characters at a time. If you have more than 5000 characters in your text, you will need to stitch your audio files together with editing software.

Paste text into Speechelo

Tip: You can use the Podcast function in Soundtrap to stitch together your audio files. You can also upload your audiobook directly to Spotify by using Soundtrap.

Once you have pasted your text in to Speechelo, you can either preview the voiceover to listen to the AI reading. At this point, you have the option to edit the text - you can add breathing to make it sound more natural, you can prompt the text to emphasize certain words, adjust the speech or add a pause, by using the commands below: 

Commands to adjust Speechelo audio file

Once you are happy with the way the audio sounds, press generate voiceover.

Click on the download button below and it will ask you if you want to add background music. I always say no to this. Click no just download and it will automatically download an mp3 file of your AI reading.

Top uses for writers to use AI to create an audiobook to read their poetry or novel:

  • Upload your audiobook to your website so that people can hear a sample of your novel. You might have to use an audio or video hosting platform like Soundcloud or even YouTube - as I've done above!

  • create a poetry reading

  • create social media posts of the blurb of your story, snippets from the text (pick your best lines here), or poetry. Create the audio file in Speechelo and then use video editing software such as Vimeo, iMovie (on an iphone) or other application and then use an image or video to go with the beautiful-sounding reading!

  • Create an NFT of AI reading your book or poetry along with interesting imagery or a video. You could use a service like Fiverr to help you create an original NFT to sell on an NFT platform.

The possibilities are endless when you use Speechelo to create an audiobook of your novel. Have fun playing around with the different AI voices - they sound far more natural than other text-to-speech voices out there. And start getting your novel or poetry out as an audiobook for people to listen to!

AI is developing and improving every day and can be a useful tool for authors. You can also check out our recent post Can AI help you write a novel?


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